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FCI Belgian Malinois Litter Born:
January 6th, 2023

Out of:
"Jango du Creux Thatcher"   X   "Oleya au Paradis d'Orsy"



French Ring 3 Finalist

About the stud:

Jango is the son of renowned Red Bull, under Udex & Ch. Judex!

Jango possesses an outstanding work ethic, a top FCI pedigree, phenomenal temperament and character, and a strong, medium morphology in regard to the breed standard. He is confirmed before a judge, obtained his CSAU "excellent" at 12 months, followed by his Defense Dog Brevet, and passed his French Ring 1 title "Excellent" 3x's, his FR2 "1st Excellent" 4x's, FR3 "1st Excellent" 23x's, including multiple CACT & RCACT (Certificate of Aptitude to Enter the Working Championships). He entered the French Ring Selectives 5x's obtaining "Excellent" notes, and finally went on to compete in the French Cup and two French Championships. This dog is very close to his handler and is social, stable, and easy to live with. Jango is an outstanding subject who represents his breed well. 

About the dam:

Oleya is the daughter of Horus au Paradis d'Orsy (FR3), grandson of S'Leon, Loubard, and Cops!

Oleya is a large female who takes after her father in size, morphology, color, and character. She is sweet, playful, affectionate, and an excellent family dog. She is also a career working dog, having obtained her Defense Dog Brevet and worked in the security sector. She protects her master for a living and takes her job very seriously. She is gentle with small children, and safe around livestock. Oleya is a very well balanced dog with zero handler aggression. Behind Oleya, you will find all of the classic big hitter French champions and high-level competitor kennels (such as Banc des Hermelles, Loups Moutins, Pleines de Thierache, Parc des Acacias, Deux Sabres, and Calvaire aux Acacias) who contribute to her genetics. She is the daughter of Laya au Paradis d'Orsy (descended of Ch. Cheyenne des Loups Moutins, Ch. Judex, and his sons, Udex du Banc des Hermelles and R'ton-Senna du Calvaire aux Acacias), and of Horus au Paradis d'Orsy (son of Akim des Bergers d'Ecouves, and grandson of s'Leon des Plaines de Thierache, Mondio 3 & FR Finalist, working Ch. Loubard des Loups Moutins, and Cops du Parc des Acacias, FR Finalist). 



Oleya Pedigree.jpg


Puppies can ship internationally out of Paris CDG, or you are welcome to come and collect your puppy in person. All of our puppies are sold:

  • Microchipped w/ Passport

  • Dewormed every 2 wks from birth to 8 wks of age, then once a month to 6 months of age

  • CHPPiL Vaccination + KC at 8 weeks

  • Recall CHPPiL + KC + Rabies at 16 weeks

  • Ownership Document and Export Pedigree in buyer's name

Our puppies are socialized and exposed to many different surfaces and environments (day and night), are suitable for active family life, and are CLEAR of genetic maladies by parentage.

Health clearances include: Official DNA, Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0, DM Clear, MDR1 Clear, SDCA 1&2 Clear

Contact us for more information and pricing.

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